Activated Carbon Toothpaste

ORGANICADENT natural toothpaste actıvated carbon aims to whiten teeth at the highest level, sensitively without damaging tooth enamel. For this purpose, the formula has been thought out to the smallest detail and as a result of long-term R&D studies, it has been offered to our valuable consumers.

It contains activated carbon obtained from bamboo trees, Miswak, propolis, stevia, and tea tree oil.

Activated carbon is an active that has recently been the subject of studies on whitening teeth. If used correctly, it whitens teeth at a high level. Miswak and propolis are used to balance the abrasive feature of activated carbon.

Miswak is an active that is traditionally used in dental care and has been the subject of many studies for oral and dental health.

Propolis is a substance obtained from bees and used in the repair of beehives. Known for its many benefits, propolis is used in our formula to protect oral and dental health.

Stevia and tea tree oil substances both give the product a pleasant smell and taste and contribute to dental care.

A soft but powerful formula has been obtained by combining powerful actives. In this way, both your teeth are cleaned without damage, and your oral and dental care is done perfectly. Your teeth will look whiter and healthier.

It does not contain SLS, Paraben, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Fluoride, and artificial sweetener.